Kpop Republic - Time to see SHINEE

So this is the event I have been waiting for ever since hooked up with SHINee. Honestly they are the only Kpop boy band I'm listening to.. I also like few songs from other boy bands but SHINEEs music style and identity is one of a kind. If you observe other boy groups, mostly are patterned to Super Junior or Big Bang. SHINEE also sing and dance like others but each member has unique personality. Their fashion sense and metrosexual persona separates them form the bunch.

Okay enough of the very Pro-Shinee introduction.. Just let me show you how I end up to the show.

So this is one of the event posters (credits to the organizer and sponsors as I do not own the image).

Actually, I saw the advert on TV and that's how I got the news. Next thing I did was to search online for ticket price. The ticket prices are really shocking, the SVIP standing ,the one where you stand in front of the stage, costs Php12,000+. I mean who will pay for that amount? That amount can buy a new smartphone or tablet pc. If you stretch that you can buy dozens sets of new clothes. But then I realize that if I also have that budget and SHINEE will be here once in a blue moon, I will definitely go for it. Unfortunately not.

The lowest price is the General Admission which is the farthest from the stage. And it cost Php1,200. The next costs Php3,000+ which is kinda double. I think a hundred times before purchasing. So I end up with the Gen Ad ticket (I know its too far I also think about my daily expenses).

Luckily the day before I was on leave due to my appointment with the opthalmologist so I had plenty of time after to watch and listen to their videos and songs.

Then Saturday, I went to the venue by 6PM. I'm on my full Shinee inspired trendy casual attire carrying a sack bag. I met my friend in Coffee Bean first (he has a lower box ticket which costs Php6,000+, rich kid..) and we talked for half an hour before going inside the concert. 

You can see that its kinda empty. Most fans are in the General Admission area. The outer seats are full where I'm standing and so as the center SVIP standing area. Most fans are middle class teenagers therefore they cannot afford that much for a ticket, hey maybe that includes me.. hehehe..


Then the lights dimmed and lasers start to bursts their spectacular rays. It was awesome. Crispy Crunch went to performed first followed by Dal Shabet. I was amazed on how they looked like mannequins. I mean they are so white and perfectly skinny.

EXO-K performed after Dal Shabet. Honestly and I admit that they have the most number of fans in the coliseum. Just after Dal Shabet leave, all I can hear was full screams. People go wild when they went on stage. I've listen to some of their songs since they debut so at least I can relate and sing along.


1. Exo fans wear this WOLF 88 soccer uniform or have a printed black shirt with the members name on it while SHINEE fans like me are in trendy casual attires, some wear blue shirt with printed shinee world on it.

2. Base on my observation, most Exo fans are from younger age (like 19 below) and Shinee fans are mostly 20 above


A huge curtain starts to fall after EXO's performance. Its the main event so people starts to scream again in full force. A projected video introduction was shown in the white curtain while people started the countdown. Curtain falls then I also scream out loud.

Every song was breathtaking. I think the perks of being in Gen Ad area is that you can stand, dance and even jump. My energy was all out and my voice is on its full volume. Totally screaming and singing especially when they sing their single Lucifer. Seriously, I sing along in full volume and hit the high notes. 

The feeling is intense that I accidentally hit the girl beside me with my glow stick. Key is really good looking in person. He's skin is like porcelain I swear I want to achieve the same. He looks good on any kind of hair and costume. When I see him in shorts are knee high socks, I promised I will start to wear the same. He is one of my fashion icons, I mean among the whole group. 

I love the feeling when you see your idols in person. You instantly became the no.1 fan because you become excited and high spirit. While standing, I realized that I was destined to stand with fellow Shinee fans. We are in one line as the people in front of us are EXO fans. And how can I forget the whole scene of the audience. Glow sticks in green and blue (mine is yellow - only few are in yellow) hitting simultaneously on every chant. Its priceless. All you paid wherever you seat was all worth it. 

I have been listening to KPOP since college and this is my first time to watch KPOP concert. Before I went to this event I was browsing online about tips on going to concert.. I read some lines saying "Just enjoy the whole show" which is true, and I did it. I end up sweating yet very satisfied. The whole show run about 2 hours. Kinda quick so I hope there will be future full concert. I'll start to save better budget on that.

NOTE: Minho is not in the event as he is doing hosting job for Music Core in Korea. Hope that next time they will be all complete.

RE-DESIGN : Metal Studs + Old Bracelet

Quite long ago when the metal studded fashion became a hit, I planned of collecting bracelets and if lucky maybe jackets or shoes. Problem is they are very expensive. A bracelet can cost Php300 - Php700 but those are branded. The cheaper ones can range from Php50 to Php150 but I really don't like the designs. Most of them are too influenced by heavy metal (skulls, scorpions, reversed cross...) which I am not a fan of. I just want something sophisticated yet not too girly.

Fast forward yesterday, Saturday, I went to the mall (Glorietta1) and found a shop of fabrics and buttons. I visit inside and found a huge variety of studs, crystals and other clothing embellishment. Not sure if other stores has larger varieties yet I felt really lucky that at least, finally I found that kind of shop. It's like a candy shop of embellishment. By just looking at them you can conceptualize ideas so you know easily which items you can use.

And today, while waiting for my online downloads to finish I decided to create my first project. As a starter I choose to start on a bracelet as I do not want to ruin any of my shirts or jackets.


So this the type of metal stud that I bought. Its shine got my attention. I am also using a palette so they are visible and it will keep the rest of process clean. 

I also bought an adhesive, it is specially used on fabric so better ask someone from the store before planning to use ordinary glue or paste (double sided tape.. worst).

And that one on top is not a syringe but an old pen. I can't find any stick so that pointed tip might be useful.


So I conceptualized first before sticking each pieces. Then I decide that since it is old, maybe its better to cover the rusty holes so it will look new. With this I can also save a lot because only few pieces are required.

Start from right to left by putting small amount of adhesive at the back of the metal and placing it on each holes. 


See... now its BRAND NEW.. I mean NEW IMPROVED.. haha..

I wear it with a black glove.. I am not really a huge fan of rock so I find it very JPOP or KPOP..

Next time, I will buy more embellishments so I can design on fabrics.